De Boscq Jewelry takes pride in our on-site master jewelers; they are true artisans and craftsmen who bring years of experience and dedication to the care and crafting of your jewelry. There is nothing our experienced staff can’t fix or repair.

A sampling of the services we offer:

-Master Jewelers & Custom Designers

-Graduate Gemologists

-Jewelry Re-Model Specialist

-Utilizing Customer Materials-Diamonds, Gold, Etc.

-On-Site Jewelry Repair Center

-Laser Welding, Casting and CAD Cam Services

-Diamond, Gemstone, Jewelry, & Estate Appraisers

-Direct importers of GIA Certified Diamonds & Fine Colored Gemstones

-Gold, Jewelry, Timepiece & Estate Buyers

-Trades are Welcome

...These are just a few of the myriad services we offer to our clients, over 100 in total to service and repair your jewelry of all kinds. Before you give up on your old, worn or broken jewelry, bring it to us. We’ll return it to you in better condition than you’ve ever seen it before. And if you’re thinking of just scrapping it, well, we take care of that, too!

Custom Jewelry

When you come to design your piece with our De Boscq Jewelers, our extensive selection of Diamonds, Precious Gemstones, Rare Black Pearls, Settings and more will ensure that your dreams come to life before your eyes. Additionally, our showroom boasts hundreds of engagement rings and thousands of other unique pieces for you to choose from including Italian Chains and Fine Silver. Whether your goal is to design the ring of your dreams or find it on our showroom floor, we take great pride in fulfilling your dreams and dazzling you and your loved ones with our work.

Sell us yOur unused Gold and jewelry

De Boscq Jewelers in Mandeville, La specializes in buying gold, jewelry, diamonds and watches. Often times trading in your gold to us we will give you 100 % of your gold value towards the value of a new purchase.


Edward Saint Pe' of Jewelry News Network interviews New Orleans' estate jewelry buyer, Aaron Capdeboscq on the value of gold for Louisiana residents. Capdeboscq's new store, De Boscq Jewelry Buyers at 2602 Florida Street, Suite B in Mandeville, LA specializes in buying gold, jewelry, diamonds, and watches and pays cash for your unused valuables.